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DUI Second Offense, DUI Third Offense

DUI Second Offense, DUI Third Offense

The penalties increase significantly for a second or third DUI offense. These are criminal charges and you will face mandatory jail time. With such severe consequences on the line it is extremely important to talk with an experienced defense attorney about your case. At Smerlinski Law Office S.C. we understand the laws and penalties that come along with a second or third DUI, and can put together a strong defense for your specific case. We have helped many clients minimize the effects of a second or third DUI. Every case is different, and we can customize a defense to your specific case to provide you with the best results possible.

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A DUI or PAC 2nd or 3rd offense currently under Wisconsin Statutes will result in mandatory jail. These types of DUI or PAC charges are considered criminal, and the amount of jail that will be imposed is determined upon the particular facts of your case.

Other penalties you face for a conviction for these types of charges include:

  • installation of ignition interlock device
  • alcohol and drug assessment
  • fines
  • court costs
  • license revocation
  • restriction from entering Canada for any purpose

Criminal Record

A conviction of DUI or PAC 2nd or 3rd offense means that you will now have a criminal record in the state of Wisconsin. This may interfere with getting hired for certain jobs, such as government positions. Other times career advancement at your current employer or a new employer could be affected. Job opportunities in government and at private companies can both be affected.

If you are facing a second or third offense it is important to be prepared and have the knowledge to handle such a serious situation. Our firm’s expertise will be an invaluable resource.